Fogless Adhesive Shower Shaving Mirror
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Fogless Adhesive Shower Shaving Mirror

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  • SLEEK, MINIMALIST MIRRORS: Unlike a suction cup mirror, or something requiring holes and excessive mirror mounting hardware, the Mavoro Shave Mirror for Shower uses a low profile 3M Command mirror adhesive. It’s so sleek and attractive, you’d be forgiven for thinking it was part of the interior design!
  • NON BREAKABLE MIRROR. GREAT FOR KIDS: Made from acrylic, this non glass mirror has the same true mirror reflection without any distortion. So your shave is as tight as it’s always been. This acrylic plastic mirror is an obvious choice for a shatterproof mirror for kids and adults who always break things!
  • WITH LESS FOG: If a waterproof shower mirror is not a heated mirror, then it cannot claim to be an anti fog mirror (don’t be misled by others). But while our acrylic mirror sheet isn’t a fog free wall mirror, it is definitely a LESS FOG mirror than a glass one claiming to be a fog free wall mirror.
  • NOT JUST BATHROOMS: This stick on mirror is for anywhere! Locker mirror, closet mirror or back of door mirror? Yes! Bathtub mirror, makeup mirror or general face mirror? Also yes! At work cubicle mirror? Of course! Outdoor shower mirror? Obviously! Multipurpose sticky mirrors for wall… any wall.
  • IT’S PERMANENT: This 7x9” bath mirror is easy to install. Simply peel off the 3M backing and press firmly. Make sure your beauty mirror is positioned straight because it’s virtually impossible to remove! It’s this frameless bathroom mirror design and low profile adhesive that makes it look so designer!

Product Description


Because it's made from acrylic, your mirror will fog less than glass. True fog less mirrors are typically heated using electronics and as you can agree, not safe for your steaming shower! To reduce fog on any mirror - including this one, simply heat it with hot water to match the room temperature


With less nooks and crannies, this mirror doesn't just look clean and tidy... it is clean and tidy! The 3M Strip covers the entire back of the mirror to stop any corners lifting and trapping gunk. The low profile design makes your shower look less cluttered, and stops you knocking it off the shower wall.


Made from acrylic, this mirror is safer for kids who love getting a little raucous in the bathroom! The flat rectangle design makes it multi use for kids rooms, lockers, cubicles, the back of any door - and even your outdoor shower! It definitely doesn't have that "only for the shower" look. So use it anywhere!


Every mirror comes packed inside this neat little envelope package! It's unbreakable, so we decided to reduce packaging to save you more, and help save our planet! But imagine someone's curiosity when you give it as a gift! They'll be delighted to find a practical mirror inside and not just a card!

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